Discover Israel's impact

Interesting information about Israel. The country has a highly educated and technologically skilled workforce. Science subjects are popular and most people can also speak English.

  • The country is about the size of Shikoku, yet it is a recognized world innovator.
  • Israel’s 9 million people are doing extraordinary things and have a strong bond with Japan.
  • Find out more information about Israel. What makes it such a special place to visit?

Here are some interesting points about what to expect with Israeli business culture and how to prepare for it. 


‘Israel is a passionate country’

Shintaro Hirato shares his experiences about Israel and connecting with Israeli business people. (in Japanese)

About the Israeli entrepreneur

Kentaro Sakakibara, President of Samurai Incubate, gives his views about the nature of the typical Israeli entrepreneur. (in Japanese)

Why do so many Israelis innovate?

Chikara Ueno, co-founder of Aniwo, knows the local high-tech scene well and discusses what makes so many Israelis innovate. (in Japanese)

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