Women’s power and natural growth

As a Japanese woman living in Israel and surrounded by children, I worry greatly about Japan’s shrinking population. Could tiny Israel perhaps offer Japan a model for a possible solution?

Chutzpah – your second word in Hebrew

In Israel everybody talks about Chutzpah, both in a good and bad way. It means ‘shameless’ or ‘guts’. It is very important for Japanese visitors to investigate this special word.

Typical Israeli Food

Trying popular street food in a new country is a memorable experience. For Israelis it’s all about Hummus and Falafel, which are actually Arab dishes.

Balagan – your third word in Hebrew

To Japanese people, things in Israel can appear to be 180 degrees different to their accepted ways. Yet systems in this different universe – called ‘Balagan’ – work very well.

Becoming less sensitive

A Japanese person who lives in Israel for many years will react differently to local people than a visitor would. How would you respond in the following situation?

Going to Market

To get the local atmosphere in Israel you need to visit a popular street market. The products are fresh, the sellers shout and everything is exciting and alive. Join the visit.