Typical Israeli Food

Typical Israeli food is ‘Hummus’ and ‘Tachina’, just like ‘Ramen’ and ‘Sushi’ in Japan. Hummus is mashed Chickpeas and Tachina is mashed Sesame seeds. ‘Falafel’ is a fried small Hummus ball. Let’s say like a small croquette in Japan.

You eat Falafel with Pitta bread. Pitta is round and cut open at the top, like a round envelope. It is stuffed with Falafel, chopped vegetables and pickles.  On top of it you put other tasty sources. Then finally open wide and take a big juicy bite. It’s tasty! You can find Falafel shops on the streets of any city.

Usually there are people queuing in front of the shop. You can see the shop owner making fried Falafel balls in a big pot of oil.  It’s interesting to see.

When in Rome do as the Romans do!  So if you are in Israel, eat as the Israelis eat!  They say ‘Beteh Avon’ which means “Good appetite’, like ‘Itadakimasu’ in Japanese.