Explaining Japanese quality

When you communicate in another language, you are crossing a bridge in many ways. How can you be sure that the message you send about your Japanese quality production will be correctly understood in your English texts?

Few nations can compete with Japan in terms of consistent quality. It is characteristic in all levels of Japanese society. Yet that quality must also be understood and appreciated by your potential customers.

This is where international business communications can succeed – or fail. Presentation is a very important part of communication and it requires special attention. Your export customers need to well understand the features of Japanese quality production.

Explaining in another language

Is your business field well presented? Is it clear what you’re offering and how users can benefit from it? Can your target audiences identify with your services and products? It takes an effort to answer these well in your own language. So how about doing it in English?

Converting your ideas into English is more than just changing the language. You need to present your information carefully and clearly. Only then can you be confident that your export audience will truly appreciate you. They will see why the effort that you make to deliver Japanese quality production is a special advantage.

It’s for these reasons that a marketing writer has an important contribution to make in helping to build the international success of your business.

Mike Druttman is a member of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce. An English language business writer and copywriter, he is helping Japanese companies to communicate better with international audiences. His site is www.keyzuna.com