How to progress after the delegation visit to Israel?

Follow-up after the business visit is often the action that can secure the success of a foreign trip. How can this work best for Japanese first-time visitors to Israel?

The scenario is familiar. An important show is announced and many companies come together to form a delegation. They will spend an intense 4-5 days in the host country. The companies will visit institutions and companies and become familiar with the business environment and opportunities.

The question is how can they follow up on all these leads afterwards? Does it all have to be done via long-distance connections?

Keeping the contact warm

A business visit to Israel will probably lead to a number of interesting search directions. It is a particularly dynamic country with a lot of innovative ideas and the willingness to move ahead quickly.

At the time of the delegation visit, delegates will start some warm connections. There will probably be a lot of questions and issues to follow up. However this must wait until the Japanese company returns home. If a local company (which includes Japanese speakers) can pick up the ball, the initial momentum will not be lost.

This is the work done by KEYZUNA ( It’s a marketing agency established especially to assist Japanese business visitors to Israel. Run by two partners (one British-born and the other Japanese-born), its purpose in Israel is to strengthen the Japan-Israel connection and facilitate cooperation agreements.

Taking care of the details

At the core is the ability to understand the Japanese company and its goals. If a Japanese businessman is able to open the door a little during his visit, KEYZUNA will help him to open it much wider later on. It will also open other doors for him.

Making the connection over a 9000 kilometer distance is challenging. The 6-hour time difference between Japan and Israel is a significant limitation on communications – allowing for a narrow ‘contact window’. Efficient communication between the two countries is another limitation. Very few people in Israel speak Japanese.

What are KEYZUNA’s advantages? Firstly, to work on the Japanese company’s behalf in local (Israeli) time and maximize the day. Secondly, to communicate very effectively both ways in Japanese. Thirdly, to take the initiative in the search for interesting partners.

Teamwork that brings results

Clearly the way to make a good connection in Israel is to work as a team – the Japanese company and KEYZUNA acting as its agent. We align objectives, constantly report on progress and take methodical steps towards achieving a good result.

Coming on a delegation visit is the start of the process. It can also lead to promising new directions.

KEYZUNA members can be reached as follows:

Mike Druttman (in English) –   +972-52-871-0337

Kuniko Cohen (in Japanese) –   +972-52-334-7365