Search process in Israel

Search process in Israel


KEYZUNA specializes in business matching between Japan and Israel. Our work includes everything from detailed preparation before coming to Israel to follow-up after the visit.  We outline the work process below.  

Have a consultation

We start with an initial consultation, to find how best to make the Israel visit a success. We develop a Search Profile, working closely with the Japanese client. This vital document covers the company’s background, expertise, unique features and what it is looking for in Israel.

Client approval stage
Completed, 56 days before visit

Use our contacts

We use our contacts in many technology fields – Cyber, Auto Tech, Medical Tech, Agritech, Water Tech, Fintech. These contacts, for start-ups and established companies, are arranged in categories of specialist activity.

Undertake the search

A wide investigation is undertaken, using the Search Profile as our guide. When we interview potential partners, they will often suggest other contacts that we also investigate. This produces a long list of Israeli companies.

Evaluate responses

Here we evaluate the possible suitability of the Israeli company for the Japanese client. All those who seem to be a ‘good fit’ will enter the short list. We prepare a Partner Profile for each candidate, in Japanese.

Completed, 24 days before visit (stages 2-4)

Select candidates

The client receives several Partner Profiles and selects those of interest. Each Profile has many details about the Israeli company, including why it seeks a Japanese connection.

Client approval stage
For feedback, 17 days before visit

Arrange meetings

We arrange all B2B meetings according to the client’s timetable, before he arrives in Israel. We can also prepare a short presentation in English of the client’s business, together with an English script. These elements can help to create stronger understanding with the Israelis.

Client approval stage
Presentation completed, 5 days before visit

Give added support

Should the client require other assistance before or during the Israel visit, we will do our best to provide such services.

We estimate that KEYZUNA’s work time, prior to the visit, will be 10 weeks