Will your presentation sink or swim with the Japanese?

Your introduction to a Japanese audience is a special moment of influence.  Whether the meeting is in person or on Zoom, here’s the chance to be fully understood in Japanese and make a strong impression.

It’s a special moment of influence when you get the first opportunity to introduce yourself to a Japanese audience. Whether the meeting is on Zoom or in person, here’s the chance to be fully understood in Japanese and to make a strong impression.

The 10-minute slide introduction

The cultures of Japan and the West can be bridged much more easily.  A focused 10-minute Powerpoint presentation that’s been created specifically for Japanese attention will open many doors. When you communicate in their language and style, how can they not be impressed?

It’s a changing world

You need an easy presentation to make your point at conferences and technology summit events. Can people understand a slide like this one quickly enough? Will anyone even try?

This slide is much easier to understand, with a good headline. That’s all the more important when the speaker participates remotely over the Internet – a growing trend. 

An international creative team

KEYZUNA has launched a new initiative to achieve the goal of providing compelling and effective ‘introduction’ presentations

Founder Mike Druttman, a highly versatile English copywriter, has teamed up with Kyoto designer Shinji Muranaka, whose website is Shinji Design.

Shinji Muranaka

Shinji designs and produces many slide presentations in Japanese for Japanese business people. He knows which cultural triggers motivate them and how to make it all happen. He also has a rich and varied background in high-tech. Mike adds his skills in condensing company information into short and compelling forms.

Shinji Muranaka

The strong benefit is a communication tool that is highly optimized for its purpose.

Japanese content and approach

At Keyzuna we’ll create a short presentation of 10-12 slides with the right message flow. The Japanese language used here will be well-crafted and influential, shaped for Japanese tastes.  

You’ll also have a parallel presentation in English for the benefit of the presenter. 

Having this committed alignment to the Japanese mind-set is an important step in gaining rapid understanding – no matter how much English knowledge your audience has. 

Taking a bold step

It’s challenging to create a short and effective ‘introduction’ Powerpoint presentation, requiring the blending of special skills. When it’s done well, it will create opportunities and build confidence.

On the Japanese side, seeing a Japanese presentation like this will stimulate them to share it with their colleagues.