Wide-ranging IOT advances

Wide-ranging IOT advances


Israel’s IOT activity is taking the lead in developing IOT solutions for many different applications. In the dynamic IT environment there’s a massive focus towards Internet-related projects.

It’s true that the Internet is probably the greater invention ever (next to creating the wheel). Who would have thought, 30 years ago, that we can achieve so much at the touch of a button? Now IOT promises to connect everything in our lives. It’s exciting, daunting and Israel is playing a central role.

At the front of the queue
It’s not simple to figure how many Israeli technology companies are involved in IOT. One estimate puts it at 5% out of 6100 active start-ups. Another estimate says that there are about 330 companies in the field (both established and start-up). Whatever the actual number, it’s a lot.

These IOT companies serve myriad markets. These include agritech, healthcare, transportation, smart homes and consumer products ranging from clothing to baby care.

Safer connections are the key
Security is a central topic of many Israeli IOT companies. For example, SecuriThings monitors all cloud-connected devices and protects against unauthorized access to private homes, smart cities and industrial systems. SaferVPN uses a secure private network to protect any device that connects to an unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Secret Double Octopus creates a ‘secret sharing’ communications protocol between devices,so that they cannot be hacked. ForeScout immediately recognizes and monitors IOT devices when they connect to a network. Companies like RegulusX are protecting commercial drones from attack and ensure that they are not diverted from their programmed path.

No wonder so many multi-national companies have chosen to set up R&D centers in Israel. Some of them, such as Intel, Microsoft, Broadcom, IBM and EMC2, have also acquired more than 10 local companies.

Vehicles will be the first robots
For many Israeli technologists and start-ups, their goal is to speed up the smart car evolution. They see vehicles as platforms that will carry advanced data for different branches of automotive IOT.

In the vehicular cyber security area, such companies include Argus Cyber Security, Karamba Security and Regulus Cyber. For in-car artificial intelligence, there is Cognata and Cortica. Another area is vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything communications (V2X).

Companies in these fields include Autotalks, Guardian Optical Technologies and Nexar. Then there are advanced driver-protection systems, developed by Arbe Robotics, Innoviz Technologies and SaverOne, among others.

Mobileye’s VP for products and strategy predicts that, before long, vehicles will become the first commercially-deployed robots. They will be the ones making money out of real-time artificial intelligence. He says that this is the forefront of data science and Israel will be one of the leaders. It looks very likely.

This short overview explains the environment of Israel’s IOT companies. KEYZUNA is in constant contact with them, finding the ones with unique ideas and stability that can be suitable for international cooperation. Let us help you, our Japanese visitors, to identify the most suitable Israeli innovators for your specific needs.